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4 Ways our managed print services can benefit your business

Reduce costs

  • Use of rules based printing to help reduce waste – basic examples of this include:
    • Forcing documents to print double sided
    • Not allowing emails to be printed in colour
    • Not allowing web pages to be printed.
  • Accurate measurement, control and reporting of costs by user, device and department
  • Timely supply of consumables
  • Lower support costs
  • Remote management tools saving time and cost
  • Enhancing business processes for more cost-effective workflows

Improved productivity

  • The right equipment in the right place for faster workflows
  • Single point access to support, maintenance and helpdesk issues
  • Simplified supplies management and automated collection of meter readings
  • Reduced equipment downtime from automated service and status alerts

Kinder to the environment

  • Reduced carbon footprint through more efficient printing processes
  • Latest technologies for lower environmental impact and lower energy consumption
  • A national programme for recycling of consumables

Enhance security

  • Multi-layered security to protect your data, documents and network
  • Advice on implementing secure workflows
  • User authentication and other processes to protect confidential information
  • Powerful encryption of data as it is transmitted or stored

Clarity’s Optimised Services are delivered through a proven 3-step process.

  • Stage 1: Analysis and Consultation
  • Stage 2: Optimisation and Improvement
  • Stage 3: Management and Service

The precise nature of the solution depends entirely on your existing set up and on the needs of your business. And that becomes clear in Stage 1.

Stage 1: Analysis and Consultation

First, we gather information using the most appropriate tools and analysis software. A site-visit to study your workflows, understand your needs and calculate your print and copy volumes leads to an initial cost-benefit analysis. Depending on the results, we’ll perform a full audit of each workgroup, its equipment, supplier base, support issues and security needs. With all the information to hand mapped against accurate floor plans it’s time for Stage 2.

Stage 2: Optimisation and Improvement

We’ll help you understand where the weak spots are and where immediate gains can be made. Workgroup by workgroup, machine by machine, you’ll see which resources are being under-used and which pushed too hard; We’ll then apply this knowledge, working with you to devise a plan which delivers the maximum benefit with minimum disruption. Then we’ll put everything in place – equipment, supplies management, cost and usage reporting, security – and keep it running smoothly in the next phase, Stage 3.

Stage 3: Management and Service

With everything up and running, we’ll keep a continual check on costs and productivity: not just meter readings but real time information about operating status too, which we supply in hard copy reports and via a web portal. Often, we can remotely diagnose and fix issues before they have an impact. And because we know how much each machine is being used we can make sure you always have just the right amount of ink and toner. And as your needs change over time, we’ll work with you to make sure your printing infrastructure keeps pace. Getting started is easy. Simply contact us to discuss your requirements.