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Printer & Copier Leasing

Why Buy When You Can Lease?

Leasing your office printer or photocopying device from Clarity will keep your finances in shape but still enables you to keep up to date with the latest technology.

If you don’t have any spare cash or are facing conflicting investment priorities, leasing can help you to invest in the things your business really needs without having to spend capital upfront.

Clarity will help you choose the right product, we can then choose the right finance package to suit your individual circumstances.

  • Get the assets the business needs – without compromise
  • Protect and reinvest cash reserves
  • Ease cash flow through regular manageable payments
  • Pay a flat, fixed fee for everything, even servicing
  • Upgrade assets easily and cost-effectively
  • Get a faster return on investment

We offer fixed cost agreements with no hidden charges.

It’s a great way to keep your business healthy and competitive.

As a very simple sum to lease a product valued at £1000.00 you can pay twelve fixed payments over a 3 year period of just £100.00 per quarter.

Choose to lease with Clarity and BNP Paribas Leasing Solutions, and you choose the leading provider of asset finance in Europe.

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Chichester Festival Theatre is one of the UK’s leading theatres producing work of the highest standards. Clarity Copiers have supplied the Theatre with photocopiers since 2007 which have proved to be both competitively priced and reliable. When things go wrong the servicing team are on site, normally within 2 hours, to carry out repairs efficiently, effectively and quickly.

Clarity Copiers are a local company who deliver an excellent service.


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